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Warts that can appear on your feet are called plantar warts. While you undoubtedly hate looking at them, you probably hate the pain of walking on them even more. The good news is that plantar warts are easily treatable if you get help from skilled podiatric doctor James Tachibana, DPM, in East Midtown Manhattan and Hartsdale, New York. Use online booking or call Nippon Medical Office now to schedule an appointment.

Warts Q & A

What are warts?

Warts are a skin infection the human papillomavirus (HPV) causes. When you have a cut or abrasion, the HPV virus can get below your skin and then spread. 

This causes very rapid cell growth, and the result is bumpy, lumpy warts on your skin. Warts can appear nearly anywhere on your body, but they tend to appear on the feet more often than anywhere else. 

Perhaps the worst kind of wart is the plantar wart. Plantar warts grow on the soles of your feet, and since you have to put major pressure on them just to stand or walk, the pain can be very severe. 

If you don't get your plantar warts treated, the continued pressure of standing and walking on them can push them inwards, causing painful thick calluses to form. 

How can I recognize plantar warts?

The earlier that you recognize plantar warts — and get help for them — the better off you'll be. In the beginning, plantar warts can be quite small bumps that have a sandpaperlike texture. As plantar warts grow, they typically turn into much larger bumps that are gray or brown. 

Sometimes, plantar warts have tiny dots, the result of burst blood vessels in your feet. As time goes on, your plantar warts grow even larger and may become quite irregular in shape. Sometimes, plantar warts have a cauliflower-like appearance when they grow quite large.

What is the treatment for plantar warts?

The treatment for plantar warts focuses on removal. Dr. Tachibana can do this in several ways. 

One effective treatment is laser removal at the Grand Central location, in which Dr. Tachibana uses a precisely directed laser to remove your warts without damaging the still-healthy skin around them. 

Some other options for plantar wart removal may include freezing warts off, removing warts surgically after injecting them with a virus-killing medicine, and acid application to burn the wart away in layers. 

Dr. Tachibana will evaluate your plantar warts to determine exactly what will work best for you. 

Don't let plantar warts keep you from living your life. Click the online booking tool or call the office now to arrange your visit.