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Internal medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on adult health care to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. At Nippon Medical Office in Hartsdale, New York, you can meet with expert internist Andres Antonio, MD, to get started on personalized health care tailored to your needs. Book your internal medicine evaluation online or call the clinic to schedule an appointment.

Internal Medicine Q & A

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine doctors, known as internists, have extensive training in detecting and treating chronic conditions that affect adults. Routine internal medicine care involves:

  • Diagnosing chronic conditions
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle changes and improved well-being
  • Tracking changes in your health and intervening when needed
  • Treating and managing chronic diseases

Internists have the knowledge and experience to handle any problem a patient faces, whether you have an acute illness or injury or need help managing ongoing health problems.

Why is internal medicine care important?

At Nippon Medical Office, Dr. Antonio provides comprehensive internal medicine care for all adults in your family — generally anyone over 18. Internal medicine care is important to:

  • Evaluate your kidney functions, blood glucose levels, and cholesterol
  • Stay up-to-date on your immunizations
  • Undergo cancer screenings and diagnostic testing
  • Check your blood pressure regularly
  • Manage your medications

Dr. Antonio is an expert at tracking your health and paying attention to any abnormal changes — like gradual increases in your blood pressure — that could call for medical intervention. His goal is to ensure you improve your overall well-being and achieve optimal health.

How do I prepare for an internal medicine appointment?

To ensure you get the most out of your internal medicine visit with Dr. Antonio at Nippon Medical Office, there are a few things you can do to prepare. For example, if you’re new to the practice, request your medical records from your previous primary care doctor.

If you’ve been seeing a specialist like an endocrinologist for diabetes or metabolic syndrome, have those records sent over to Nippon Medical Office. This way, Dr. Anontio can evaluate your entire health history. Before your internal medicine appointment, it’s also helpful to:

  • Write down your questions, concerns, or symptoms
  • Fast for several hours (for certain blood tests only)
  • Make a list of prescription and over-the-counter medications, including supplements

You should also have your pharmacy’s address and phone number available in case Dr. Antonio needs to send over any new prescriptions.

Learn more about internal medicine services offered at Nippon Medical Office by booking an appointment online. You can also call to speak with a team member.