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Plantar calluses can become an unsightly and uncomfortable problem and if left untreated, they can crack open and lead to infection. If you’re developing calluses on your feet, dedicated podiatrist James Tachibana, DPM of Nippon Medical Office provide in-office treatments in Midtown East (Manhattan) and Hartsdale, New York. Schedule your callous treatment directly through the website or call either office to speak with a team member.

Calluses Q & A

What causes calluses?

calluses are thickened patches of skin that form when your skin tries to protect itself from rubbing, friction, and pressure. 

Your skin cells detect the abrasiveness and start building up extra layers of skin to prevent damage and injury. If you have calluses on your heels, forefoot, or other areas — weight-bearing areas are common — they could be caused by:

  • Athletic training, especially running
  • Foot deformities like bunions
  • Diabetic foot complications
  • Ill-fitting footwear

Your chances of developing calluses are higher if you smoke cigarettes because smoking causes your blood vessels to constrict, leading to tissue loss. The tissue loss means you have very little cushioning between your bones and skin.

Do I need treatment for calluses?

Yes. The concern with calluses is that they’re an obvious sign that your skin is trying to protect itself and it’s important to find out why. Dr. Tachibana encourages you to come into Nippon Medical Office as soon as possible if you have calluses that:

  • Are cracked open
  • Become sore
  • Change color
  • Ooze blood or pus
  • Get thicker over time

It’s particularly important to get started on callous treatment at Nippon Medical Office if you have diabetes, peripheral artery disease, or another circulation problem since you have a greater risk of infection in these cases.

How are calluses treated?

Treating calluses often involves removing them through in-office treatments at Nippon Medical Office. Dr. Tachibana can remove your calluses by:

  • Applying prescription-strength topical acidic solutions to soften your skin
  • Using a medical-grade scalpel to remove damaged skin
  • Exfoliating your feet with a metal file or a pumice stone

Sometimes, calluses are associated with corns, which are painful skin bumps that form on non-weight-bearing areas like across the tops of your toes. If you also have corns, Dr. Tachibana can remove them during your visit.

Once your callous treatment is done, you could benefit from getting fitted for custom orthotics to prevent future calluses and skin irritation.

You can receive the in-office callous treatment you need at Nippon Medical Office. Book your callous evaluation online or call either clinic.