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Achilles tendinitis occurs after you strain your Achilles tendon. The inflammation from this strain can cause severe pain, and it’s not something that you should ignore. If Achilles tendinitis isn’t treated, an Achilles tendon rupture could occur, possibly making it impossible to walk. At Nippon Medical Office, James Tachibana, DPM, helps patients in the East Midtown Manhattan and Hartsdale, New York, areas get pain relief, so book your visit online or call the office now.

Achilles Tendon Q & A

What is Achilles tendinitis?

The Achilles tendon connects your leg and foot. If this tendon gets strained, you'll develop Achilles tendinitis. 

This condition causes pain, sometimes to the point of making it difficult to walk at all. If you don’t get treatment, your Achilles tendon could tear apart (rupture), making the situation even worse.

Am I at risk for Achilles tendinitis?

Risk factors for Achilles tendinitis include:


Your Achilles tendon grows weaker as you age, so you're more prone to Achilles tendinitis as you grow older. 


Over-exercise or a sudden increase in exercise intensity can increase your chances of Achilles tendinitis. 


The more excess weight that you're carrying, the higher the risk of straining your Achilles tendon. 

Sometimes, Achilles tendinitis occurs in patients who aren't in any of the above risk groups. No matter why it happens, the important thing is to get help before it worsens.

What is the treatment for Achilles tendinitis?

After doing a diagnostic ultrasound and MRI, Dr. Tachibana start with a conservative approach. This can include: 

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound reduces swelling and inflammation, encouraging natural healing. This procedure can be done during your first visit with Dr. Tachibana.

Anti-inflammatory gel or medication

Anti-inflammatory gel or oral medication reduces inflammation and swelling, and it may help relieve your pain. At the Grand Central location, It is often combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment and laser therapy.

Heel lift

A heel lift can take the pressure off your Achilles tendon to give you pain relief.

Custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are made just for your unique foot. You place them in your shoe to reduce stress on your Achilles tendon.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

At the Grand Central location, your podiatrist extracts PRP from your own blood. He extracts the most powerful healing and growth factors from the blood using a specialized machine and then injects the PRP around your Achilles tendon to help it heal naturally.

Laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy at the Grand Central location boosts your body's natural ability to heal itself. Laser therapy can help you regenerate the damaged Achilles tendon without surgery in many cases. 

If your pain doesn’t respond to other types of therapy, or a tear or degenerative change is present, surgery may be the best way to repair the damage. Dr. Tachibana has advanced training in this type of surgery.

Dr. Tachibana prescribe both individual and combination therapies based on your specific needs. 

If your Achilles tendon is being a real pain in the heel, get help now. Use online booking or call the office to schedule your visit with Dr. Tachibana now.